“Animal Homes” 

 PBS Nature, 2015

This series travels the globe and investigates just how animals build their remarkable homes, and the intriguing behaviors & social interactions that take place in and around them. 

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“Return to the Wild” 

PBS, 2014

We retrace the steps of legendary traveler Chris McCandless' to try to piece together why he severed all ties with his past, gave away all his money, and headed out alone into the Denali Wilderness.

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“An Original DUCKumentary” 

PBS Nature, 2012

Winning the 2013 Emmy for Best Nature Documentary, this documentary immerses the viewers in the truly amazing life of ducks across the globe.



“24/7/365: The Evolution of Emergency Medicine” 

R.I. PBS, 2015

The definitive documentary on the history of Emergency Medicine, from its roots in war medicine, to the first ambulances and the establishment of 9-1-1, to the fast-pace life of an ER doc today.

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“Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air” 

PBS Nature, 2010

Nominated for the 2010 Emmy for Best Nature Documentary, this documentary uses cutting-edge camera technology to reveal the amazing life-cycle of the hummingbird.


“The Dinosaur Feather Mystery” 

Discovery Science Channel, 2008

This documentary unlocks the feather's amazing history, to reveal the astonishing link between the birds of today, and the dinosaurs of early earth.

“T-Rex: New Science, New Beasts”

Discovery Science Channel, 2006

Think you know T-Rex? Think again. This documentary delves into revolutionary science to reveal new, incredible facts about this legendary animal.


“Travels in the Great Tree of Life”

Yale University, 2009

Did you know all living things - from the smallest microorganism to the largest vertebrate and redwood tree - are genetically related?


Sundance Channel, 2009

Tom Luckey, a builder of incredible interactive art, falls in his bathroom and becomes paralyzed at the age of 65. How does he continue to make his art? This documentary tells his  amazing story. 

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