About the Team

We create non-fiction programs exploring science, wildlife and the environment through the combination of beautiful imagery, fascinating science and great storytelling.

The Coneflower (or Echinacea) grows wild in the tall-grass prairie of North America, and is revered by healers because of its extensive medicinal abilities. To our company, the Coneflower is the perfect wild analog of what we hope our films to be: cinematically beautiful, while working to promote, help, and progress our planet. Our mission is to share inspiring stories from the natural, scientific and art world with our audience. We travel the far reaches globe and continually immerse ourselves in the lives of the animals, people and landscapes we encounter in order to capture footage to create our awe-inspiring narratives. We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading thinkers, natural historians, and artists, and we draw constant inspiration from their work. We see ourselves as translators: making films that bring the natural world into the homes and lives of people across the world. Our hope is that our films will encourage viewers not only to gain appreciation for, but to take action towards preserving our incredible and diverse planet.

Ann Johnson Prum

Ann Filming Birds 2 (Ecuador).jpg

Founder, Producer & Cinematographer. An avid outdoorswoman and jack-of-all-trades, Ann Johnson Prum is the Executive Producer, Cinematographer and Founder of Coneflower Productions. At the ripe age of 24, Ann’s love of nature and adventure led her to gain her first gig as a wildlife cinematographer. As Ann got more experience, she was able to contribute more and more to the films she worked on by taking on roles in editing, directing, and producing, eventually creating her own independent company in 1994. For the past 20 years, Ann has been creating television documentaries about nature, science, and the arts for channels including PBS Nature, Discovery, TBS, The Sundance Channel, HGTV and the Science Channel. Most recently, she was nominated for the 2010 Emmy for Best Nature Documentary forHummingbirds: Magic in the Air and was awarded the 2013 Emmy for Best Nature Documentary for An Original Duckumentary.


Mark Carrol


As a cinematographer, Mark Carroll has documented natural history, underwater and human interest stories on expeditions around the planet. His camera work has appeared on National Geographic, Animal Planet, BBC, PBS, History, Discovery, and a series of live interactive broadcasts. Recent assignments have included: surviving the winter with an Inupiaq eskimo family in remote Alaska, documenting a month-long expedition to the wreck of the Titanic, traversing hundreds of miles of Arctic sea ice with NASA, documenting climate change at high altitude in Peru and paddling 300 miles down the Mississippi River. He also recently completed shooting his first independent feature film. Find out more about his work at www.outerside.com


Melanie Quinn

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Working as an Associate/Field Producer for CF Studios, Melanie is almost always on the move - which suits her hyperactive personality perfectly. From researching diverse animal habitats, to scouting interesting interview locations, to filming in the remote corners of the world, every day is most certainly not the same. In addition to her job, Melanie loves poetry, running, and the outdoors. Melanie is dedicated to CF Studios' mission to bring exciting and compelling stories of nature and science to the public.


Richard O. Prum

Scientific Advisor. Rick Prum is the William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology at Yale University and Scientific Advisor for Coneflower Studios. When Rick was a third grader, he got glasses for the first time. With his world was finally in focus, he became enamored of birds - animals which he had never before been able to see. Soon 8-year old Rick was heading out into the woods of his Manchester, Vermont home with his elderly female birding buddies equipped with his bird book, life list, and binos. Amazingly, that passion never subsided: Rick graduated from Harvard in 1982, and completed his Ph.D at University of Michigan in 1989. Rick has received the Fulbright (2001-2), Guggenheim (2007-8) and MacArthur (2010-2014) Fellowships, and has published more than 100 scientific articles covering topics such as our understanding the evolutionary origin of feathers, the physics of structural coloration, dinosaur feathers, fossil coloration, and the phylogenetic evolution of behavior. In addition to the sciences, Rick enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking for his wife and sons (his most current culinary obsession being the art of fine bread-making).